My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 255

When it seems as though the world is only in shades of black and white, you remind me to look for the splash of color.


6 thoughts on “My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 255

  1. Begonia’s are such delicately beautiful flowers. Yet they can also be so tenacious and survive harsh conditions and come back to life. Their ‘will to live’ is strong. 🙂

  2. We’re in day #2 of 5 predicted high 90’s – low 100’s days… and we’re still 3 weeks away from ‘Summer’ starting.

    Only one or two small fires around here (so far) but our East Coast has had official ‘Catastrophic’ weather conditions for a week now in 2 states with hundreds of fires killing 3 and hundreds of homes burned out. 😦 Our ‘dangerous fires season’ now seems to be lasting 8 months of the year and does not look like it will be growing less any time ‘soon’.

    But my little pink begonia plant that was dying off after a Winter and Spring burst is putting up new shoots and pink and yellow flowers – even in this heat! 😉 Like i said – they have a strong will to live! They are an inspiration. 😉

    Don’t worry about me – the fires can’t really reach where i am – I’ll be fine. There are a lot of others who are not so lucky.

    • Wow – I am so sorry you are going through all of that. The fires are very scary. They have been raging off and on for over a year out in California. What you’ve described happening in your part of the world sounds so similar to the California fires. Mike Garson, who was David Bowie’s piano player for 40 years (I’m a huge Bowie fan) lost his home, studio, and all of his career memorabilia a year ago in a devastating fire. But he was very philosophical as he reflected on it afterwards: He and his family were all spared, and that’s what’s important.

      Hang in there. Hopefully Mother Nature’s fury will vent itself out and there will be calm restored back to the world. Stay safe! xo

      • Yes, we see all about the Cali fires and loss of homes and danger to life on our TV. Those fires may be worse because they occur in more heavily populated areas? 😦

        No fires in my part of suburbia, so i am safe! Thank you for the good wishes. 🙂

        Our heat wave of last week ( only lasted 4 days not 5) did create another weather all-time record for the hottest ever day in the month – 105.4 F (40.4 C) – and Summer has not yet begun here.

        We had the hottest ever day in September here also this year. 2019 is set to be the hottest on record and 2020 is predicted to be warmer.

        Tough times are upon (A)us i’m afraid. 😉

        Sadly things have not been so great in another area of life and i’ve decided to not blog anymore. Or for a while at least?

        I’ll still try to read a few of my blogging ‘community’ posts though and will be in touch when i can.

        ‘Bye for now, Take care Sandy. xoxo

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you are stepping away. 😦 If there’s anything i can do, please let me know. I’m hesitant to print my email here, and wish there was a way I could get it to you so that we can keep in touch. I’m concerned and hope that things will look up for you and that you’ll be back online with your humor and insight very soon. xo ❤

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