My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 253

When it feels like the whole weight of the universe is on my shoulders, you lift me up.


4 thoughts on “My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 253

  1. Awwww….that’s a great mama/baby shot! Thank you for sharing. 🙂 There was a baby running around at the zoo where my photo was taken. The zookeeper in attendance said that he had been born 3 weeks earlier and had been a “little on the small side” at 140 lbs and 6 feet tall. 😀 I’m amazed at how quickly they become ambulatory.

  2. The baby’s are so beautiful to watch as they ‘find’ their feet. 🙂

    I guess you have to be quick with the company they keep in the Veldt.

    Hopefully that’s not an issue in the zoo though! 🙂

    Hope your week goes well and the storms stay away. ox

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