My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 242

Teach me to swim when it feels like the world’s sorrows will drown me.


3 thoughts on “My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 242

  1. Beautiful! These are closer to the pelicans we have in Australia, i believe ours are just a tad larger and have more black on their wings? Seems like one is enjoying a ‘snack’! 🙂 Love how you caught them reflecting the low-lying sunlight glow.

    More flower buds are popping up and i may have some opportunities to get some close-ups soon – my favourite too! (Don’t have a macro lens at the moment.)

    While many are welcoming of the rewards mass communication via the internet and our mobile smartphones can bring, the same technology, combined with commercialised media’s goals of attracting the biggest viewing audiences through the most dramatic scenes of destruction and human viciousness, also allows us all-too-easily to be witness to the entire world’s sadness and despair.

    As individuals we were never meant to have to bear all the negativity in the world, many of us have far too much personal tragedies to handle as it is. We’ve lost the real meaning of the word ‘Community’ today where a single group only deals with what is relevant to it’s members, be it good or bad, and all band together as one to share in, and spread, either burden or reward.

    The more we see of our world, the more isolated, small and ineffectual we can feel; the less we feel like who we are and what we can do actually matters.

    I’m certain there is an answer to this… I’m just not entirely certain what that answer is?

    Sorry if i got a little too serious here… it’s been a funny kind of a day and this has been in the back of my thinking for a while now.

    Maybe best to keep to the shallow end while taking swimming lessons – OK? 😉

    Hope your week treats you well! o x

  2. Thank you for your comment–I wasn’t notified, so that’s why it has taken me so long to respond, and I apologize!

    Looking forward to seeing your flower buds. I’m fascinated by how our seasons mirror each other!

    We have different types of pelicans here in FL…mostly gray with black accents, but these white ones show up, as well from time to time.

    I agree with your reflections about the negativity we are exposed to on a daily basis and how it affects us. My answer is to “bury my head in the sand” as Dan so aptly put it many years ago. He was a news junkie, but I could only take it in small doses. That has not changed–I’m given to reading headlines just so I know what’s going on, but I can’t deal with a non-stop barrage of negativity. Perhaps that makes me naive or simple, but it’s the only way I can deal with it and remain somewhat sane.

    Sending you tons of positivity–let’s try to keep that wave flowing! xoxo

    • Thank you Sandy. 🙂

      The positivity (and your comments) are gratefully received! 😉 Happily this week has been far less strange, for me at least, as i am enjoying much of the natural beauty in my garden and my surrounding suburbs – and getting some glorious photos!

      I think you very wise – only taking news in small doses, it’s by far the best way to stay sane (-ish) 😉

      Sanity can be somewhat overrated. 🙂

      I have a similar problem with notification of comments on this blog; am not sure why, so forgive me also for any delays replying. 🙂

      Sending you waves of sunshine, light and positive energies. 🙂

      Good night from Aus!

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