My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 237

Since you’ve gone, solitude has taken on a whole new meaning.


5 thoughts on “My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 237

    • Agreed….I know there was a devastating earthquake in Christchurch a few years back. Are you anywhere near there? (My geography knowledge is not that great!) Do you experience a lot of earthquakes where you are? That’s so frightening, because unlike hurricanes, earthquakes are unpredictable.

      • Fortunately Christchurch, New Zealand is about a 5 hour flight from where i live! 🙂 That one killed almost 200 people and left many of the city buildings ruined, it was horrific!

        Because of the sheer size of my state we actually get hundreds of quakes a year, although mostly small ones that largely go unnoticed. The very low density of population here means they are no major cause for concern ( unless the epicentre is under your house! 😉 )

        Just before my parents and i moved here almost 50 years ago WA had a significant earthquake – larger than Christchurch’s – about 100 miles from the city centre, but there were no deaths and only minor damage. ( I do remember however when driving along a recently finished freeway that there was a big dip – a drop of some 5 or 6 feet across the lanes – that was the result of that quake! Our largest recorded quake was back in 1948 – a 7.2!

        I’ve never personally felt threatened, or even felt, an earthquake! 🙂

        Hope Florida is hurricane free for the rest of the year and the only ground shaking comes from Cape Canaveral and SpaceX! 🙂

        Best wishes from the land of Oz! (Correct pronunciation of Aus!) 😉


      • My geography knowledge is not the best, but I remember the earthquake because, at the time, my company had a school there. I can’t imagine getting used to tremors, but there are many people who can’t imagine getting used to some of the local phenomena here in the crazy state of FL. I guess you adjust, as needed!

        I was within 5 miles of a space shuttle launch 20 years ago, and it truly is an “earth-shaking” experience. Absolutely breathtaking!

        Hope you’re having a great weekend!

      • Yep! We all adapt to ‘get by’ with the conditions we are faced with. It’s amazing what the brain gets used to, and what it is capable of doing for us! 😉

        I’d really love to watch a live lift-off!…. One day… (sigh)

        It’s a beautiful weekend – life is good!

        Wishing the same for you 🙂


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