My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 223

Some days life is dull; let me know you’re there to color my world.


3 thoughts on “My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 223

    • Wow! That was a trip down memory lane! Thank you for sharing. 🙂 And I agree….the absence of color sometimes makes life’s issues a bit more noticeable. Hope you have a fabulous week.

      • Petula was a bit before my ‘time’, but i love the music of that era, before the hard drugs kicked in and things got a bit too weird for me. 😉

        I’m in two minds about missing ‘The Swinging Sixties’ (Just) but i suppose it’s better than being out of my mind! :-0

        As for things being ‘black or white’ sometimes it’s nice to just have two plain, but opposite choices to choose from… at least you can only choose the wrong one once! 😉

        (Who am i kidding i can always choose the wrong one again!) 😉

        Hope everything goes your way this week! 🙏

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