My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 219


Life is filled with both inner and outer turmoil; help me to sort through the path to peace.


5 thoughts on “My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 219

  1. I’m going to say that’s a beautifully captured Sunrise this time! 🙂 Even though i have some near identical Sunset shots taken from my back yard (minus the Ocean!)

    As for the turmoil, i believe we have to start on the inner first, after that the outer is a piece of cake. 😉

    The darkest clouds are the ones that receive the least light: when your light shines brightest from within those same clouds can appear like burning gold.

    Oh, i don’t know if you know any Native Americans or have any influence, but if you do please ask them if they can do a rain dance for my home state (W Aust)… it’s getting ridiculous here! 😉

    Hope your day is a fantastic one!

  2. Thanks so much again for your comment. And yes, it’s a sunrise! 🙂

    I appreciate your thoughts on the subject at hand. I’m also sorry to hear that you are in such desperate need of rain. Everyone thinks that Florida is wet, but we occasionally go through some serious dry spells that are usually accompanied by devastating brush fires. My heart goes out to you–i hope you get the rainfall relief that you need and soon!

    Have a wonderful day–I think it may already be Tuesday there. 😉

    • Many thanks for your wishes and thoughts (Perth is GMT/UTC +8 so it was Tuesday, just!) 🙂

      I can handle the long Summer, even the ridiculous heat (mainly by staying in with the A/C on!) but so little rain is a worry, not just for my garden plants, but for our water table that feeds the trees that cover Perth and the Southern part of the state. Some old trees are dying as their roots no longer can find enough water. As for bushfires, on Sunday there were two buring in our metropolitan area and a huge one has been burning for the last 7 days in our South East. Fortunately, only houses and sheds or vehicles have been lost, no lives.

      A thing about Perth is, it has a huge area (5 times the size of LA with half the population) so i am lucky in that there has never been a bushfire close enough to me to cause concern – apart from a few big plumes of black smoke and some smoke haze.

      The forecast for tomorrow is for ‘rain’, but the forecasters have lied to us before! 😉 If any lands here it is unlikely to be ‘enough’.

      We used to get a few big lightning storms over the city (i remember they are not your favourite thing!) and sometimes they would bring a really refreshing rain shower that might last an hour or so. Nothing like that yet, this Summer. I need a really good thunderstorm.

      The clouds in your photo are beautiful, but i suspect they are not carrying much rain! 🙂

      Take Care! 🙂

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