My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 214

When the world is a jigsaw puzzle and none of the pieces fit, give me the fortitude to find a solution.



7 thoughts on “My Second Chance Journey With Dan ~ Interlude 214

  1. Same Beach?? 😉

    Wonderful picture, it really tells a story, if a somewhat sad one. The contrast in textures are amazing also. 🙂

    I like the jigsaw analogy, it’s one i’ve had reason to use myself a bit lately, possibly because i’ve completed quite a few in recent years. Having pieces missing can be a horrible feeling – even when they are not actually missing just misplaced or unlocated.

    It is a hollow feeling inside though when you finish one and a piece(s) is actually no longer where it should be, where it belongs.

    You have the fortitude to find where the pieces should go – just break it down into smaller sections and put it together in small bits, one at a time – it gets easier as you go on and things come together, if slowly at first. 🙂

    Call me slow but i’ve been wondering for weeks why you named your blog after a bear?

    I just got the acronym today – Sheesh! 😉

    Hope it’s a good week!

    • Thanks so much for your kind response. It helps to know that I’m not publishing out into thin air! 🙂

      Yes, it’s the same beach. It was chock full of driftwood, so there may be even more pictures to come.

      Thank you for your take on the jigsaw analogy. Coming from a jigsaw puzzle fan, I find it very compelling.

      When Dan was alive, I collected teddy bears, hence the name of the blog. He also reminded me of a big, loveable teddy bear. Downsizing to an apartment has cured me of the teddy bear collecting (and I gave a lot of them away to the police department to give to children), but I can’t seem to curb my love of all things David Bowie….maybe when I run out of wall and storage space….or perhaps I’ll just get a bigger apartment. 😀
      Thank you again and have a great week!

  2. 🙂
    Judging by the quality of the last two interludes they will be worth the wait! ( Should you feel like publishing more of course!)

    My own thought concerning the jigsaw of Life was that i felt like i had collected a lot of the pieces and even managed to fit bunches together so that images could be seen or approximated well enough, but that i had no real idea what the ‘complete’ image was of, what i was going to come up with. I posted it last month here:

    Anyone who collects(ed) Teddy Bears is fine by me – there are 4 watching me as i type! (along with a large stuffed Old English Sheep Dog named Flossie) I’m sorry you had to let yours go ( i hope you kept some?) but i’m sure they found a good home and are being loved and are giving love to those who deserve it! (As we all do!) 🙂

    David provided a lot of the soundtrack of my youth, and later. It is a sad loss, but our minds can hold him, and his music, present for as long as we wish to! Memory is a powerful thing, so long as we use it positively. 🙂

    Not sure how the saving is going but i saw a new Canon mirrorless advertised here for AUD$450 – it may be cheaper on-line??

    Hope you’re keeping warm… if you get any snow send some down this way – was 39.4 C today. 😦

    Take care.


    • I love what you’ve written on your blog. It really strikes a chord. And as someone commented further down, sometimes you really get a handle on the puzzle, then the cat comes along and knocks it off the table! Life can certainly be that way for many of us.

      David had a profound influence on my life when I really, really needed a mentor 40+ years ago. As I wrote on my other blog (80s music-inspired), he literally saved my life and validated the feeling of always being an outsider with my nose pressed to the glass (as he did for many, many other people). I met Dan, my flesh and blood hero, many years later–then lost him in 2012. And the world lost DB 3 1/2 years later. It was comforting to share the grief for Bowie with countless others who understood. I didn’t have that luxury with Dan, so I sort my feelings through photography.

      Not at the point of purchasing a new camera yet, but maybe towards the end of the year. Thank you for the heads up that the prices may not be as heart-stopping as I’d feared!

      I live in the tropics (Florida), so no snow here, but it has been raw and chilly and wet! The “wet” part is unusual for this time of year, but as it turns out, we really needed it. I’ll be whining about the heat in another 3 months…certainly not in excess of 100F, but close enough that I can relate to what you’re going through!

      Thank you so much!

      • Thank you for your kind comment re: my jigsaw post – life certainly can shake the jigsaw afresh now and then just as the picture starts to become clearer, more for some than others i fully realise. Thankfully, so far, i have largely been in ‘the others’ category. 😉
        (Unless you count the early and short-lived marriage and divorce?)

        The world needs more Heroes; Stellar ones like David (and Dan!) as well as the everyday ones Bowie told us we all can be (are,in fact, if we but see it that way). Heroes can provide us with a model to copy, hope to continue despite setbacks, and encouragement to have belief in times of doubt. Unfortunately there is precious little of any of that in the world’s current crop of political leaders ( and i’ll leave it at that 🙂 )

        I cannot really imagine how people handle the sudden loss of their spouse who was so much a part of their shared life, or what is the best way to survive and grow from it, but am grateful that you have photography at least to engage in and hopefully, one day, will help overcome the grief.

        If you ever need a good rant to let stuff out just send it my way – i’m happy to listen and offer another perspective, if needed. (I suspect that you are not one prone to rants but there can be times when a good one is long overdue! They’re cathartic!) 😉

        Florida huh? I forgot that you post most photos with that keyword – i was focussing on the cool looking driftwood and beach is my only ‘excuse’. 🙂 One of my step-brothers (we don’t have much contact as they live in the UK) owns a house there which he lets to friends and family while he works overseas. I don’t think i could stand the humidity for long though having been used to our much drier heat since i moved here in 1970 from England.

        Be your own Hero! 😉

  3. I agree with your assessment about heroes. We have so few good role models any more, that we really need to become our own heroes. Bowie’s recurring theme in everything that he did was that it’s OK to be *you.* And in some ways, that’s the message behind the song “Heroes,” as well (although I think the message in its entirety is far deeper than that).

    Divorce is similar to the death of a spouse–I believe the grieving processes are quite similar, so you’ve experienced the loss, as well. It’s tough, and each of us deals with it in many different ways. I’m so glad to have music and a camera in my life. That’s what I would need if stranded on an island–a camera, music, and some good books!

    Both the UK and Australia/New Zealand are on my travel bucket list. I hope to make both trips one of these days (although the UK is far more likely due to the length of the flight). If I make it to either destination, a new, reliable camera will be a must-have! 🙂

    Thanks again and best regards.

  4. I had a bit of a You-tube music day at my PC on Tuesday.

    One of the tracks i watched was David, Live at Wembley Stadium, performing Heroes. 🙂 He was in a bit of a playful mood but he gave some gravitas to the song also – you are quite right, there is much more meaning(s) in the song.

    I think it may be more than OK to be *you* – it may be essential ! (providing that at the same time we also realise it’s not all about ‘me’ – all lives are intertwined and deserve Respect).

    Another song that i found really challenged my thinking/previous world view. I posted it under ‘A Challenge’

    I think i could survive on the Island with a decent laptop and a good broadband cable connection… and a lifetime supply of Belgian chocolate (including truffles!!!) :-)… the camera and lenses goes without saying. 😉 imagine the Astronomical shots you could take? 🙂

    I’m very glad you are in Florida, i don’t think being anywhere North of West Virginia is going to be all that pleasant for the rest of the week? Down Here i’m expecting more 100F+ days, but i do have A/C.

    Look after yourself. 🙂

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