Dedicated to the One I Love

Sandy_Dan_2001Originally, I started blogging in 2005 on BlogSpot. After numerous differences of opinion with them, I moved my blogging efforts over to WordPress as Rave and Roll in 2008. There, on a fairly regular basis, I showcased 80s alternative music that was “criminally underrated.” Additionally, I transcribed Canadian DJ David Marsden‘s weekly playlists.

Then life took a terrible turn….

My beloved husband Dan, who had been battling Churg Strauss Syndrome (CSS), a particularly nasty, pernicious, unrelenting, and rare vasculitis disease, lost his fight in August 2012. As a result, posting on Rave and Roll has virtually slowed to a stop, with (very) occasional new entries, and playlists being the mainstay. I hope to resurrect the criminally underrated posts, because I have encountered many more 80s artists and bands whose creativity I would love to share with the world.

In the meantime, photography, which has always been a passion, has become a way of keeping my sanity in a world minus Dan. I know that he is encouraging me from afar, as he was my mentor, taking me on photo excursions and sharing his knowledge before the disease robbed him of his mobility. Even then, he would review/critique my photos and just generally be my biggest fan and cheerleader.


It’s with this back-story in mind that I have forged ahead with Ursa. Previous posts contain mass uploads of highlights of my most recent (2014) photographs. Going forward, I hope to feature a few shots each week (or whenever the spirit moves me), along with thoughts and impressions concerning my life both with and without my best friend and soul mate.

This blog is for you, Dan, until we meet again….Starfish_Oct_2011


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